For centuries, Christians have been committed to ‘go to the people of all nations’ and to ‘preach the good news to everyone in the world’. Since the advent of the aviation industry, the use of aviation and its associated technologies has become a fundamental way to reach the peoples found at the very ends of the earth.

In 1994, the dream of creating a mission aviation training facility that was laid on the heart of a number of Christian men became a reality. In 1995 Bruce Searle was appointed as Dean of the Department of Mission Aviation at Bible College of Victoria (BCV). Later it morphed into ACMA (The Australian Centre for Mission Aviation) and Bruce Searle was appointed as CEO.

The Mission Aviation Course (ministry studies and flight training) were the key products. Ministry studies was delivered by BCV who was the Registered Training Organisation. Flight training was provided though Mission Aviation Fellowship’s Ballarat facility for the first 6 years of the course. The first aircraft maintenance engineering course started in 2000 and was delivered out of the BCV campus at Lilydale.

In 2001, an opportunity to build a new facility came to fruition at a privately owned airstrip at Coldstream. This provided facilities for theory and practical training for one-stop mission aviation training. So flight and aircraft maintenance engineering was being delivered at Coldstream. This continued until the end of 2014 when funding challenges (which led to a lack of resources) forced the closure of the nationally accredited training operation.

Motivated by the great need for aviators to work in remote communities, AvServe is determined to still make a contribution to mission aviation. AvServe is a solution-driven non-profit organisation with trademark built on its unique capacity to create awareness and support and mentor pilots and engineers who may wish to serve remote communities through mission organisations.


AvServe is a non-profit charitable organisation with strong sense of responsibility, geared ultimately towards advocating for the marginalised in remote communities. Reaching these communities is challenging at the best of times and critical in times of natural disaster, illness and other debilitating events. The need for pilots to fly small planes into these areas and for engineers to build and maintain small aircraft that can safely reach such communities is therefore urgent and critical. The core of AvServe’s service is strategically positioned to spread awareness of this need and to encourage, mentor and facilitate the equipping of this specialised need in aviation.


AvServe’s purpose and goal is to promote interest in aviation careers and to raise awareness of the need for mission aviators who may be called to serve as pilots or engineers in this ministry.

Service Description

  • AvServe provides Programs and activities that effectively educate students and other stakeholders about the need to reach out to vulnerable, disadvantaged and at risk communities in remote areas. Raising awareness of the critical need for pilots and engineers to serve in remote areas is AvServe’s core function.
  • AvServe specifically advocates for careers in aviation and for pilots and engineers to consider serving in remote areas with mission aviation organisations. Referral of people with this interest to mission organisations is a key objective.
  • AvServe supports other mission aviation organisation, NFPs, Charities, Corporate and key individuals who provide supplies or support services to remote areas.