Our aviation themed STEM education schools program has taken off.

Best suited to Year Levels 9 to 12 –students with an interest in STEM

Incursion and Excursion bookings available now.
“For Victorian schools, STEM is a fundamental part of the Victorian Curriculum. This includes the learning areas of Mathematics, Science, Design and Technologies, and Digital Technologies, as well as cross-curricular capabilities such as ethical, critical and creative thinking.”
Department of Education and Training

Format & Structure of AvServe's STEM Program 

AvServe's STEM program meets the curriculum learning criteria. Students will be engaged and participate through team building challenges and practical experience in a professional flight simulator with a trained pilot.

  • Incursion or Excursion - you determine the venue and we will be there
  • A 6-hour Program is the preferred structure with 2 Sessions being run
  • Participants: maximum 48 students across the 2 Sessions (2 sets of 24)
  • AvServe's truck arrives with a Presenter and Flight Sim Instructor (pilot)
  • Depending on the package purchased, AvServe can provide the In-class Activities Facilitator. Alternatively, the school can provide someone suitable to run the in-class activities.

Supervisors (teacher/s or teacher-aide/s) to be provided by the School to oversee the entire day’s program. If the school has opted to provide their own Activities Facilitator/s, the supervision of students could also be done by the same person/s.

Session Format (24 students)

Equipment & Facilities Required:

  • Classroom with seating for 24 students
  • AV: Projector screen or TV with facility for laptop
  • Students to bring along a pen/pencil and ruler
  • A few calculators to share in small groups
  1. Welcome – School Representative
  2. Introduction and Presentation
    Fun and interactive presentation covering Basic Aeronautical Knowledge with relevant STEM curriculum linkages
  3. Flight Simulator Briefing 
    Video providing a visual tour of the Flight Simulator and rules of participation
  4. In-class Activities / Flying the Redbird Plane (Simulator)
    Teacher / Activities Facilitator will run the in-class activities which includes a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), flight planning for a Rescue Mission and designing a paper plane that can physically move cargo’ and supplies.

Students work in small groups in the classroom and 4 students (ideally each representing a different group) will take turns to leave the classroom, heading for the Flight Simulator truck to experience being a pilot.

In-class Activities Facilitator may be provided by AvServe, or the School may make available a suitable Teacher to facilitate the aviation activities.

We will bring our Flight Simulator truck and STEM Program to your predetermined venue.  See access and parking space requirements in the picture below. AvServe's STEM program structure can be tailored to your needs.

A parking area measuring 12m x 5m is required for the truck, along with access to power within 50 meters.

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