Support & Partner With Us

No amount of passion alone will make us achieve our goals. Our team will bring the passion and put in the hard yards. Will you partner with us as we respond to the critical need for pilots and engineers?
Financial support is very important as it allows us to gain the resources we require. However, there are many different ways in which you can get involved. 

Volunteer your time and skills

Just one day a week can make a difference! AvServe is always looking for people to join with us both regularly and on an occasional basis to assist with our operation. There are a range of activities to become involved with.

Outlined below are just a few:

  • Property Repairs and Maintenance
  • Office Assistance and Administration
  • Business Operations: Marketing Communications, ICT, Quality, etc
  • Any way you think might be helpful


We fully understand if you are not be in a position to volunteer your time and skills. If you run a business we may well be in need of the services you offer. If you are in a position to offer those services to AvServe on a pro bono or reduced fee basis, please contact us today.

How will you help?

Please call us on 0427 205 414 or email  Alternatively, please complete the form and an AvServe representative will make contact with you.

Contribute to AvServe